Coir Doormat

Coir Doormat

Coir Doormat is an extremely popular choice for outdoor entrance door matting because of its hard wearing properties.

Often referred to as a scrapper doormat and great for an outdoor doormat or in high-traffic areas. Acting as a great first line of defense against mud, dirt, and moisture migrating into your home.

It is slightly abrasive and textured surface enables people to rub their shoes against them loosening the most stubborn mud from your shoes.

Coir Doormat Thickness

Thicker isn’t always better and let me tell you why. I like to think of it like a brush and how coarse you want it and the main action and whether you need that bristle action.

Decide on whether the location has high traffic. Really dirty feet need a good abrasive action to act as a barrier between inside and out.

Shorter stubby pile doormats tend to have a firmer brushing action and can help better remove dirt effectively. Longer piled doormats have a less scrubby effect on the shoes as they are softer.

Key things to remember before ordering a thicker mat, well any doormat is looking at what clearance you have under your door. Remember you need to ensure that the door can still open with the mat in place.

What is Coir?

Coir is made from fibrous coconut husk which is found between the layers of the coconut. This brown coir fibre is harvested from fully ripened coconuts. Meaning it is thick, strong, high abrasion and relatively waterproof.

Care of doormat Coir

Coir doormat is one of those things we buy and put in situ and normally left and forgotten about until it falls apart.

Extend and prolong the life of the doormat by turning upside down allowing mud to fall out.

You could also consider using your vacuum cleaner on it occasionally to help remove build up in the fibers.

Lots of mud embedded into the coir fibers or wet dirt stains are best left to dry. Then removed with a stiff brush and your vacuum cleaner.

Novelty Doormats

Doormats made of Coir with novelty images, decorative designs, and words. Made of natural coir which has been dyed and can be prone to fading if in direct sunlight and with intense wear and tear

If you want to know how to select the best doormat size matters article is worth a read.

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