Doormat Buying Guide: How to choose the right Doormat?

Doormat Buying Guide: How to choose the right Doormat?

Doormat Buying Guide to help you get a good doormat that will cater to your individual needs and requirements.

The main function of a doormat is to take dirt and moisture from shoes to protect your home and floors from invading mud and dirt. The most important function is how well they clean shoes. These days they can be fun, personalised and be an asset to the finished effect to your entrance way.

Quality doormats are a great investment for your home or business as it protects your interior floors. Whether wood, carpet or other forms of floor coverings from dirt and damage. My favourite reason to get a great doormat it will reduce the amount of time you have to spend cleaning up. Dirty wet feet traipse through the house isnt fun. Anything that reduces my time spent on cleaning the floor is a great investment.

Deciding what you want from your Doormat

Where would your doormat be located indoors or outside? Is your main aim for the doormat to act as a barrier between inside and out? Do you want it to scrape shoes to remove as much dirt as possible?

There are many questions you need to answer to get the right doormat for your needs.

In an ideal World would choose to have two mats performing two separate tasks.

Outside doormat act as a barrier mat which is coarse and scraps the shoes to remove lots of dirt and debris from shoes. Scraper doormats do just what they sound like their main aim is to scrap shoes. Making sure most of the dirt stays outside not brought into your home. These barrier style mats types of doormat coir which is a natural fibre made from coconuts.

Indoor doormat would be a more absorbent barrier mat to remove moisture from the bottoms of shoes after most of the dirt has been removed. Soaking up water stops water migrating throughout your house and damaging your flooring. Many of these second lines of defense doormats are usually washable so they stay smart as located inside the house.

Remember if you have no space outside you can also combine both inside the doorway and create the similar zone arrangement so people scrap first with the coarseness of the coir and the absorbancy of

Doormat Buying Guide would recommend if you can only purchase one mat then I would always choose coir doormat. Excellent scraping action will stop large lumps of mud entering the house. It is still absorbent, but less so than a washable second barrier mat.

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