Doormat History

Doormat History

Doormat History: The history of the doormat, and how it came to be, is a fascinating story. It has a rich history that has lasted through the centuries. It started as a way to clean the floor and kept the dust and dirt from piling up. 

In the early history of the doormat, the doormat was used to keep dirt and mud from getting on the floor of the house.

Doormat History

It is believed the origin of the name “doormat” comes from the Latin word “doormata” which means “doorkeeper”.

The doormat history is part of a larger history of the use of mats and carpets in different regions of the world. 

Early humans made use of grasses, barks and herbs as floor coverings. This was done for warmth, to keep the floor dry, and to keep out the cold and the start of doormat history.

The first known floor covering in dwellings dates 25,000 years ago to the Paleolithic period. It was a primitive floor covering using tree bark which formed a felt-like material.

The earliest records of woven rush mats were found about 6,000 years ago in Mesopotamia western Asia,  Feisal king of Mesopotamia, changed the name to what is now known as Iraq.

With the evolution of weaving. Early weavers used straw or rushes to make mats, baskets, or other items. Women took these plantlike grasses and used them to weave mats and other items. Other options straw and burlap, canvas and jute.

All part of doormat history and the evolution and development.

Other floor mat from over the World. Japanese have tatami mats, made from rice straw, sea grass and soft rush.

Invention of the Doormat

So who invented the doormat? Well this is an interesting question as the doormat has evolved over history but in modern times many people have developed different types of modern doormats and patented them to protect their intellectual property.

Doormats, can also be known as entrance mats, front door mats, welcome mats, have existed since the 19th century.

Modern Doormat

The modern day doormat is made of a variety of materials and can be made of various types of materials. The doormat can be made from natural materials such as straw, bamboo, grass, coir or other plants. It can be made from plastic, metal, cast iron, rubber or synthetic fibres /materials (Olefin/ Polypropylene) and petroleum-based materials. It can also be made from a combination of different materials. The materials used to make the doormat are chosen based on the environment that it will be used in.

The materials used to make the doormat are selected based on the environment that it will be used in. The materials used to make the doormat can be chosen based on the amount of dirt that will be in the house, the flooring of the house, the temperature of the house, the weather, and the type of flooring that will be used in the house.

The doormat can be made in many different ways and can be made in many different styles. 

Besides being durable, the doormat can be made to look attractive.

The most effective doormats absorb excess dirt and water, keep workers safe from workplace hazards, and help protect the building’s exterior.

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