DoorMat - Size Matters!

DoorMat Size Matters!

DoorMat Size Matters!  People are always saying that size doesn’t matter but when it comes to doormats the bigger the better!

Doormats need to do a job and the best option is to buy the biggest you budget affords. But that fits the available space.

Remember to allow enough room that if people walk straight in without wiping their feet both feet can stay on the doormat. Small doormat lets one-foot land on the doormat and the other on your nice clean floor.

Nobody wants to spend all their time cleaning floors if a bigger doormat would help stop this.

Doormat ideal size is making sure it is big enough to allow people with dirty shoes to stand fully while being able to remove their shoes without treading outside your protection zone.

Perfect Doormat Size

In an ideal World, two doormats would work the best as it could be zoned by an outside door mat followed by an indoor doormat.

Enabling the coarseness of an outdoor mat like a coir doormat.Which would scrape the major dirt and debris before entering the home.

Second zone is your indoor door mat which would be aimed at absorbancy and ideally washable to keep looking its best.

This creates two separate zones for different jobs and creates an even bigger area so doormat size matters!

Budget Doormat Option

If you only had space or budget for just one doormat then I would suggest coir as it has an excellent scraping action and has absorbent qualities.

Less absorbency than the new modern materials which is both more absorbent and most machine washable for easy maintenance.

Make sure its the right size for the job it needs to do! Door Mat Size Matters :-)

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