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Doormats Types- What are the options?

doormat types
doormat types

Doormats Types – Each doormat offers different values in the product such as scraping ability and absorbency which are all important qualities in the right type of doormat.

Here are the different types of doormats, so you can choose which is best for your needs :

Outdoor Doormats: Scraper doormats act as the first line of defense

Coir doormat

Woven underneath or PVC / Rubber lined

Personalised coir doormat

Coir Steel doormat

Coir Rubber doormat

Even more scraper mat

Rubber doormat

The patterns and holes are there to make it a good scraper mat

Suitable for year round outside use as can stand up to many kinds of weather.
Easily cleaned with a brush or hose to make it look new again

Recycled Rubber doormat


Interior doormats : Second line of defense and absorbency

Barrier doormat

Dirt trapping and highly absorbent

If you are using  inside on laminate flooring think about getting a non slip version so you dont slip along the hallway as you enter.

machine washable or ability to jet wash


Mat Wells Doormats

Mat well doormats are recessed in your floor to keep the matting level with your flooring

Options available

Aluminum entrance matting system – Dirt and debris are collected in special grooves between the profiles.  including matwell frame.

Coir with PVC or rubber backing

Indoor / Outdoor Combinations Doormat

There are Doormats Types that offer the best of both Worlds, good for both indoor and outdoor use but always look at scraping and absorption qualities.

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