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Indoor Doormats

Indoor Doormats
Indoor Doormats

Indoor Doormats often referred to as the second line of defense or a barrier doormat. Offering high absorbency and designed to hold large amounts of dirt and water. Designed for the purpose of keeping floor surfaces clean and dry.

Doormats are used inside the door to absorb water from people walking into the home and dry the bottom of shoes and traps small dirt particles.

This is usually classed as a second line of defense. First stage people should go over the abrasive dirt removing outdoor mat which it is classed as the first line of defense.

These indoor doormats do collect mud but don’t have the scrubbing qualities that a coir doormat would have

Indoor doormat are often machine washable or you can clean using a to jet wash.

They are also available in different materials like rubber, cork, coir, polypropylene, etc. Indoor doormats are often used in commercial settings such as restaurants and hotels.

Choosing a doormat is a personal choice and is influenced by your own preference.

Non slip Doormats

One quality to look out for is making sure it is non slip. Placing on the smooth surface inside like laminate flooring or tiles you need to make sure it is stable while wiping your feet.

Non-slip rubber backing will keep the doormat firmly in place while in use.

For instance if you have a laminate flooring or a tile you need to make sure the rubber backing is not slipping on the floor.

Rubber backing is very useful in preventing slipping and sliding when you have a floating floor such as wood or laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring or tile is a very slippery surface and when you have wet shoes or wet socks you need to make sure the non-slip rubber backing is not slipping on the floor.

For instance on a tile or laminate flooring the non slip backing will prevent it from sliding.

When choosing a doormat, it is important to consider the type of surface you have.

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