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Metal Doormat

Metal Doormat is a true traditional heavyweight now usually made out of galvanised steel.

Designed to be robust and take heavy wear and tear and plenty of muddy boots that need scraping. Easily washed clean once its task is complete with a blast of water and brush.

These are built to be long-lasting and all year round outdoor use.

This a very industrial Shoe Boot Scraper option but not necessarily the prettiest option.  Ideal for gardeners, horse lovers and farmer to scrape the mud off boots and wellies before entering the home.

If you are looking for a totally practical doormat for a high traffic extremely dirty feet this is the best answer. A slightly more ornate doormat option would be a cast iron doormat.

Selection of Metal Doormats

Metal Grill Galvanised Steel Doormat


Galvanised Door Mat

Large Galvanised Door Mat

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