Olefin Doormats

Olefin Doormats

Olefin Doormats are made from a man-made synthetic fiber created from plastic pellets.

Olefin is the generic name for polypropylene, a synthetic fiber used to make many different products, including carpet, rug, and doormats.

Once the plastic pellets are melted creating the fiber it is then spun into yarn and woven into a fabric.

The fiber is resistant to dyeing so they add the colour during the melting process. Meaning the colour is throughout the fiber and not just on the surface. This means it stain and fading resistance and high durability and water resistance.

These types of doormats can be an indoor doormat or an outdoor doormat

Olefin Doormats

The Olefin doormat can be used indoors or outdoors. In the past, the doormats were often made from natural materials like cotton, wool and other fabrics. However, these are more likely to fade and wear out, and are not as durable.

The Olefin doormats are very durable. They can withstand extreme temperatures, can be cleaned with soap and water and they do not attract dirt. There are many different colours available for Olefin doormats.

The mat is very soft and comfortable to step on. The mat is machine washable and does not require much maintenance.

Olefin Doormat History

Olefin a synthetic fibre was first developed in the year 2000 by a Dutch company. On the whole the Olefin doormats are made using the same process as the other types of carpets.

Where do the plastic pellets come from? The plastic pellets are made from petroleum, which is a non-renewable resource.

The manufacturing process is simple and there are two steps to make the Olefin doormat. First, the plastic pellets are melted and spun into a yarn. The yarn is then woven into a fabric. After that, the fabric is cut into pieces. The Olefin doormats are made of 100% Olefin yarn.

Made to be very soft and comfortable to step on, easy to clean, withstand extreme temperatures and  very durable. They are machine washable and do not require much maintenance.

Where to use Olefin Doormats

They are mainly used in places where there is a lot of traffic and people are walking all the time.

This can include: factories, warehouses, loading areas, shipping and receiving areas, hospitals, clinics and any other areas that need to be accessible for a lot of people. They are also used at hotels and casinos for the same reasons.

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