Doormat Guide

Polypropylene Doormat

Polypropylene Doormat is a tough material used to make most weatherproof doormats.

Polypropylene is the world’s second-most widely produced synthetic plastic, after polyethylene

Man-made fabrics like this are hard to impregnate so making it more stain and fade resistant.

Not only is it ultra absorbent, it is effective at trapping dirt and grease within the fibres.

It is also extremely durable and hard wearing making it suitable as an indoor doormat and outdoor doormat.

Simple maintenance keeps it looking like new. Cleaning options are by a vacuum cleaner, washing machine or hosepipe in the garden.

Selection of  Polypropylene Doormats

100% polypropylene with anti-slip rubber


Dirt Trapper Mat

Variety of sizes and machine washable

Boosting an amazing ability to be ultra-absorbent holding up to 10 litres of dirt and 6 litres of wet

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