Doormat Guide

Rubber Doormats

Rubber Doormats functional yet stylish doormat. They are usually a combination of patterns and holes which enables it to be a good scraper mat. They also allow drainage of water through the large holes. It grips to the ground to stop it moving away.

These doormats are Suitable for year round outside use as can stand up to many kinds of weather but can perish indirect sunlight.

Easily cleaned with a brush or hose to make it look new again.

You can also get a combination of rubber and coir doormats which give you greater scraper action.

Types of Rubber Doormats Available

Rubber Ring Heavy Duty Outdoor Doormat

Large Wrought Effect Half Moon DoorMat

Ellipse Design Eyes DoorMat

Large Outdoor Rubber Entrance Mats

Rubber and Coir Doormat


Recycled Tyres Doormat

Link Mat from recycled Tyres

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