Ikea DoorMats

Ikea DoorMats well so many to choose from! I don’t often go into Ikea as quite a distance from me but we were passing yesterday and thought we would have a look round and have lunch as well of course.

Ikea Doormat Display

Like always everything in Ikea is so well displayed enabling you to see clearly what the doormat visually looks like. The best thing clearly priced as one of my pet hates is products not being clearly priced.

Ikea Doormats Many shapes and colours

Types of Ikea Doormat

They offer coir doormats, plastic scraper doormats, indoor washable doormats, non slip doormats, and some are suitable to be used indoors and out the choice is very varied.

Ikea Doormat - Coir Doormat
Ikea Doormat Coir

The doormat selection is vast with varying sizes, colours, shapes and different functioning.

Ikea has made most of their doormats with built-in anti-slip backings to stop them slipping on surfacing as you stand on it. This is really positive as you want them to stay firmly in place.

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