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Outdoor Doormat

Outdoor Doormat
Outdoor Doormat

Outdoor Doormat or Scraper Doormat are classed as first line of defense for your home and flooring.

These tend to have a strong scrubby action which enables you to scrub mud and dirt off your shoes before entering the house.

Robust is important as they have the weather to contend with not just general wear and tear.

Coir doormat

Coir outdoor doormat comes in a number of forms which are standard woven underneath. PVC / Rubber lined if you are going to place inside and want to stop the water penetrating through to your flooring.

If you are looking for something really different you can have your own Personalised coir doormat printed.

Coir Steel doormat

Coir Steel doormat –  Natural coir combined with galvanised steel. Brush structure produces a strong structure ensures a thorough scraping action to remove the heaviest mud.

Rubber doormat

The patterns and holes are there to make it a good scraper mat and suitable for year round outside use as can stand up to many kinds of weather. During wintertime because of the cold and exposure to the elements can cause the rubber to crack. Easily cleaned with a brush or hose to make it look new again.

Recycled Rubber doormat

Rubber and Coir Doormat combines coir tufts to remove dirt with heavy-duty rubber base to collect all of the dirt and hold the mat together and drainage

Rubber, Steel, and Coir Doormat – Natural Coir fibres reinforced sheet steel wires on rubber sole to combine qualities.

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